Monday, 15 September 2008

Floors fit for purpose

Safety and function go hand in hand when specifying industrial resin flooring, but their ability to breathe new life into manufacturing centres is becoming increasingly important.

New floors not only help from a safety perspective, in particular with slips and trips, but how they can also breathe new life into a building, motivating the workforce and making businesses run more efficiently.

A correctly specified, fit-for-purpose floor can play a key role in facility management in the industrial sector. If a new floor is introduced as part of holistic approach towards creating better working environments it can ultimately help reduce absenteeism, staff turnover, and stress - as well as improving morale.

This approach can include bringing more colours to the workplace, focusing on natural1ight, healthy air and other factors to uplift and energise workers in manufacturing.

Ultimately a well-chosen floor will help to create more inspirational, productive working environments and can even deliver a positive effect on the bottom line.

That can include lighter colours, to give a sense of space and encourage people to keep their work areas tidy. This type of floor has been successfully installed at many major companies and has had a great effect on the general running of the business.

For UK industry, installing a new resin floor has never been easier. With today’s modern systems a well-chosen floor will help to create more inspirational, productive working area that can be ready for use in some cases after just two hours application. A new floor can be installed over a weekend - creating a bright new environment for Monday morning, with downtime at an absolute minimum.

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