Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Get it right - from the start!

It seems a shame that those responsible for the design of many new building projects in the industrial sector do not give more consideration to the sort of flooring that might suit the use of a new building. More often than not the floors are last thing considered and get left just as plain concrete, often with a rough surface. Some do specify a suitable finish but since the floor finish is often the last operation in the building programme it gets cancelled due to lack of funds. Problems with industrial floors, such as dirt retention, oil contamination and general wear can be traced back to the buildings beginning.

By installing a correct floor from the outset many more years of use will ensue at little cost other than cleaning. Added advantages include improved safety and a pleasant working environment. We offer a wide range of surfaces for all manner of industries. From bright coloured floors to hard wearing screeds, from chemical resistant floors to anti-static finishes. Floors can be laid super flat to SR2 or even SR1, for example where fork lifts have to reach very high, or laid to correct falls to aid drainage.

It is more pleasant to work in, healthier to work in and safer to work in - so why don't they design it that way?

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Why we like level floors

It’s not funny when a forklift truck hits a poor floor joint, in fact it is downright dangerous. The truck bucks and sways and pallets of product can fall off the forks causing damage and loss of money. Serious injury can also result. Every time a truck hits the same spot the joint becomes more worn and more dangerous.

We are frequently asked to make good poor joints. The work can be carried out over weekends and the floor ready for use on Monday morning.

Damaged joints are cut back to a sound surface and repaired with either and epoxy or polyurethane mortar, each of which has more strength than the concrete. Expansion joints are replaced to finish the job.

Just another way that we help our client improve safety and working environments for their staff.